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“I contacted SoCal Legal Solutions, APC for help resolving a dispute with my former landlord. Attorney Jennifer Jancosek explained each step of my case and the best strategy for seeking a resolution moving forward. Jennifer responded to any questions I had regarding my case, and dillgently spent several months negotiating with opposing counsel to resolve my case. Jennifer is a reliable attorney who provides quality work and I highly recommend working with her for any landlord tenant issues.”

-LaShonda J. Los Angeles County, CA. September 25, 2017

“Jennifer was excellent at explaining what my wife and I needed to do and how to do it. She answered all our questions and provided us with additional info to help us.”

-Larry V. Ventura County, CA. March 30, 2017

“I reached out to Jennifer Jancosek with Southern California legal solutions because I was looking for someone that would advocate for my mom in a property insurance dispute without litigation. Jennifer is a remarkable attorney and just a wonderful person and I am so fortunate that I found her. Her and her law clerk William are a great team!

In our first conversation she listened so carefully to my concerns and gave me the courses of action and timelines. I was under such tremendous amount of stress for over a year in dealing with the insurance and their various unethical tactics in trying not to pay my mother’s property claim fairly that I was literally exhausted by the time she came on board, but what I loved about her is that she totally understood that and if at times I was not lucid because of that, she totally got that! Within less than a day from when I hired her she had already sent a letter of representation to the opposing party which immediately lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders– it was literally like she was my angel— giving me a much needed holiday to advocate on my behalf.

When I had questions, concerns or anxieties, she dealt with them so professionally, and on one particular occasion spent an hour of her time on the phone to go over the plan, and to ease my worries, and to discuss the next steps. She had such a compassionate, multi-dimensional approach to her practice. In addition to being exceptionally knowledgeable, she was also refreshingly humble, which is such a rare quality these days.

I truly admire that as a solo practioner she makes the time to give such individual attention to her clients.

I very highly recommend her for anyone looking for any type of advocacy. She is dedicated, diligent, compassionate, and exceptionally competent.”

-Arta Lahiji, MD, February 2018

“She was very knowledgeable and attentive to my legal needs. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, Jennifer answered all of them thoroughly and quickly.”

-Colin S., September 28, 2018

“She made me understand my rights and helped me see that I was not responsible for anything being pushed my way by landlord and former co-tenant. She assured me in the most professional and legal manner with the backing of the way what I was responsible for and what not to be fazed by or bullied into submitting. I would’ve liked more direct communication with her, however I understand she’s busy with other clients.”

-Victoria N., September 06, 2018

“Jennifer was excellent at explaining what my wife and I needed to do and how to do it. She answered all our questions and provided us with additional info to help us.”

-Celina G., May 29, 2018